[pigz-announce] pigz 2.4 released

Mark Adler madler at alumni.caltech.edu
Wed Dec 27 00:34:12 MST 2017

pigz followers,

pigz version 2.4 has been released. You can download it from:


The key updates are:

- Generate Zip64 format .zip files when the output is greater than or equal to 4 GiB.
- Improved gzip options processing and return code compatibility
- Some bug fixes

Note that the option changes are not backward compatible with pigz 2.3.4 and earlier. In particular, all options are now interpreted before any names are processed, and the meaning of -n /—no-time is changed to also not store or restore the modification time. Also pigz will now return a non-zero exit code if any issues are encountered. These changes should permit this version of pigz to be a drop-in replacement for gzip.

If you like, you can peruse the changes in all their gitty detail at https://github.com/madler/pigz/commits/master <https://github.com/madler/pigz/commits/master> .


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