[pigz-announce] pigz version 2.3.2 released

Mark Adler madler at alumni.caltech.edu
Sat Jan 24 08:58:43 MST 2015

pigz users,

pigz version 2.3.2 has been released and is now available at http://zlib.net/pigz/ .  The main changes since 2.3.1 are:

- Return a zero exit code when only warnings are issued (this was previously messing up some scripts)
- Allow a larger maximum blocksize (-b), now 512 MiB (was 4 MiB)
- Strip any path from the header name for -dN or -dNT (this was a directory traversal vulnerability, CVE-2015-1191)
- Remove the use of PATH_MAX (turns out PATH_MAX is not what it claims to be)
- Do not abort on an inflate data error -- continue with the remaining files
- Check the gzip header CRC, if present
- Improve decompression error detection and reporting


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