[pigz-announce] pigz version 2.2.4 released

Mark Adler madler at alumni.caltech.edu
Sun Mar 11 11:59:35 MST 2012

pigz users,

pigz version 2.2.4 has been released and is now available at http://zlib.net/pigz/ .  The main changes since 2.2.3 are:

- Improve the portability of printing the off_t type
- Fix bug in zip (-K) output
- Remove thread portability #defines in pigz.c

If you are using -K, you should update immediately, since the bug that was fixed in 2.2.3 would prevent using the resulting zip files with most zip utilities.  (You can use pigz to extract the ones you have already made with 2.2.3.  pigz uses a different approach to decode zip files than most zip utilities that is insensitive to the result of pigz 2.2.3 with -K.)


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