[pigz-announce] pigz version 2.2.3 available

Mark Adler madler at alumni.caltech.edu
Sun Jan 15 18:19:18 MST 2012

pigz users,

pigz version 2.2.3 is now available at http://zlib.net/pigz/ .  The main changes since 2.1.7 are:

- Add --rsyncable functionality
- Improve thread portability
- Fix the printing of 32-bit check values when listing

The --rsyncable (or -R) option in pigz provides the same functionality as the --rsyncable patch to gzip.  This option starts deflate blocks on byte boundaries which are initiated based on patterns in the uncompressed data.  This allows small changes scattered in a large gzip file (e.g. a tar.gz file) to have only the changes and some surrounding compressed data to be retransmitted by rsync, instead of the entire gzip file.  pigz uses a new and improved algorithm for defining the locations of the rsyncable blocks, as compared to the old gzip patch.  Details can be found in the comments in the pigz.c source code.


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